Welcome to Bless It Clothing

We are so excited that you decided to visit with us today! Let us give you a little insight to who we are

If Bless It Clothing is to be God’s company, we must treat it at such. If we are looking for God to bless everything that we do, our coming and going, then we must make sure that we are 100% doing our due diligence to complete our part of His mission. If our consumers are purchasing the Bless It Clothing brand, they need to know what we are not-stop with making sure that the message of salvation is steadily on our lips. They must know that we serve Christ, not likes. All innovation of trends, style, and relevancy, comes from the Most High. We are servants to His will and are willing to do the work that He has laid out for us. Bless It Clothing is the representation of God’s grace and desire for His people. His design is for us to “Blessed” in all things. Truly living this only comes from a personal relationship with God. He is the architect, investor, strategist, and performance, of all things miraculous.

Bless It Clothing is ready to be utilized to teach others about the word of God. Remember…everybody needs a blessing!

Deuteronomy 28:6